Decentralized Perpetual contracts

A perpetual contracts exchange that mining through holding positions

Features and Differences

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      2021.Q1 & Q2Project Start

      • Whitepaper V1 was released
      • Received hundreds of thousands dollars in seed round
      • Development started

      2021.Q3Completed Alpha

      • Completed the development of Alpha version
      • Alpha version endured 10,000+ testing cases.
      • Participated in Solana Hackathon and winning prize in Asian region

      2021.Q4Beta version and Global Release

      • Development of Beta version
      • Started Beta version testing
      • Started recruiting Genesis Brokers globally
      • Start of community building

      2022.Q1 & Q2IDO

      • Launched IDO and began DRF token release in DEX
      • DRF staking started
      • Launched DAO v0.1
      • Recruited brokers
      • Started code auditing

      2022.Q3 & Q4Mainnet Release

      • Mainnet release on BNB chain
      • UI 2.0 release
      • Airdrop and begin the genesis mining
      • DAO v0.3 and community governance

      2023.Q1Version 2.0 development

      • Start DRF token buyback & burn plan for version 1.0
      • Version 2.0 development and public test
      • Support various BEP 20 assets as margin for perpetual contract
      • Establish deep cooperation with various projects in the BNB ecosystem

      2023.Q2Version 2.0 promotion

      • Version 2.0 launch mainnet
      • Provide asset pledge and contract transaction functions for projects of BNB ecosystem
      • Build a global business development team and external cooperation network
      • Upgrade DRF token economic model

      2023.Q3Update the DAO

      • Provide customized DEXaas products and services for BNB ecological projects
      • Develop and launch DAO governance module functions
      • Upgrade the eDRF economic model and provide more governance and application scenarios for eDRF

      2023.Q4Multi-chain deployment

      • Deploy the product to other networks (Polygon, Arbitrum, Avalanche, etc.)
      • Design and develop more trading operation tools, strengthen DEXaas product and services
      • Enrich index products to provide traders with more diversified trading targets, such as forex, stocks, futures and other products

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